Volleyball Court Dimensions, Measurements & Types

Volleyball is a team based game consisting of two teams each with six players separated by a net. Most of the game is played by tossing the ball or serving the ball with the aim of grounding it on the opponent's court area. The game is governed by a set of well-organised rules. The volleyball court dimensions may as well determine whether a team wins or not. The ball must be served within these court measurements. Any ball service that strays beyond the volleyball court dimensions results in a lost point by the serving team.

The volleyball court dimensions layout can be seen in the following court diagram.


Volleyball Court Dimensions and Measurements

The size of volleyball court differs according to the type of volleyball game played. There are indoor volleyball courts, outdoor volleyball courts, beach volleyball courts, sand volleyball courts and high school or college volleyball courts. Most of the outdoor volleyball court dimensions measure 59 feet long and 29.5 feet wide. This in meters is 18 by 9. In this measurement 9 m by 9 m sub court divisions are edged. This is done by fixing two opposite poles at 9 meters with a net which is one meter in width. The height of the net above the ground is mostly 2.43 meters in cases of men competition and 2.24 meters in women. This dimension can still vary depending on whether players are juniors or seniors.

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Sand Volleyball Court Dimensions

The sand volleyball court sizes are 18 meters by 9 meters. This court is mostly sand, up to the level of 8 inches especially in low-lying areas that require plenty of elevation. Generally, the sand depth should be around two feet and should be well leveled and of high-quality sand.

High School Volleyball Court Dimensions

Most High school volleyball court sizes are 29.6 feet wide and 59 feet long. This is nearly the same measurements as in the case of outdoor and sand volleyball courts. These measurements are usually taken from the outside edge of the court boundary line.

Beach Volleyball Court Dimensions

Beach volleyball court sizes are a little different from the other courts. Its measurements are 16 meters long and 8 meters wide. This is a relatively smaller size as compared to the 18 meters by 9 meters in the outdoor, and sand court dimensions. Beach volleyball courts have sand surfaces with no attack line and the teams are made of two players. What makes the beach volleyball even quite interesting is the fact that players can even go under the net as well as play with fewer service restrictions.

Otherwise, most volleyball courts have a 3-meter attack line. The three-meter forms the back row and the front row. These sections are then sub-divided and assigned numbers one to six. Number one spot is the service position. Once a service is achieved, players rotate while changing numbers. The rotation is done in a clockwise manner, with player one swooping with player six as player two moves to the number one position. The rotation goes on and on until the team gets possession and or loses a point.

Each court has a three-meter wide free zone within which players make their coordinated moves after the service. The demarcations of court boundaries are painted within the volleyball court dimensions. This means that the line marks are still within the court measurements. For more service accuracy, two antennae are fixed perpendicularly to the sidelines. The antenna forms vertical extensions of the sideline boundaries. During the services, the ball must pass right in between the antenna without touching them.

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