5 Best Tennis Racquets Money Can Buy

The most skilled of tennis players require the equally strong tennis racket. But what makes a tennis racket the best in the first place?

You can find out through searching it up online or asking around! But no one's got time for that. It's not only requires your precious time, but also your money. Therefore, you might wanna cut to the chase and know what the best tennis racquet is without wasting any additional time.

You don't need to worry because we did the research for you and got all the best tennis rackets you can buy at the moment.


AeroPro GT (Nadal)

Babolat AeroPro GT
  • Head size: 100 sq. in.
  • Length: 27.00 in
  • Weight (strung): 11.30 oz
  • String Pattern: 16x19



Ti S6

Head Ti S6 Tennis Racquet
  • Head size: 115 sq. in.
  • Length: 27 3/4 in
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • String Pattern: 16x19



Hyper Hammer

Wilson Hammer Strung
  • Head size: 110 in.
  • Length: 27.5 in
  • Weight (Strung): 9 oz
  • String Pattern: 16x20



Ti S5 Comfort Zone

Head Ti S5 Comfort Zone
  • Head size: 107 sq. in
  • Length: 27.5 in.
  • Weight (strung): 8.90 oz.
  • String Pattern: 16x19



Federer Adult Strung

Wilson Federer Strung
  • Head size: 106 sq. in.
  • Length: 27.2 in.
  • Weight (Strung): 10.4 oz
  • String Pattern: 16x20


Tennis is a game played across the globe. It can be played between two opponents or between two teams comprising of two people in each team. This is an Olympic sport and has its origin from England. The game may seem simple but requires lots of running and stamina. It requires high level of concentration.

There are many technical terms related to it like grip is the way of holding the racket, serve is the shot to start the game, a volley is a shot returned to the opponent in mid air before it touches the court, forehand is a stroke in which a right-handed person begins on the right side of the body and continues across the body as the contact is made with the ball and ends on the left side of the body, backhand is when for a right handed person the stroke starts from left side of the body and continued across the body till contact is made and ends on the right side of the body and many more.

how to play with best tennis racquets

Many tennis players have represented their country in Olympics and won for the nation. Mahesh Bhupathi, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Sania Mirza and others have made their country proud. Apart from the Olympics, many other countries organize many tournaments for players across the globe.

For example, there are tournaments like Australian Open, US Open, Wimbledon, French Open and many others. Many players have won these tournaments and brought fame to their respective countries.

The game requires quick moments and use of mind as well. Quick decision making is very crucial. But another important thing that many people neglect is the use of right racquet. Furthermore, it is very important to find the correct racquet according to your grip and also the racquet should be of appropriate weight.

So here are the 5 Best Tennis Rackets you need to consider:

5 Best Tennis Racquets You Should Consider Purchasing

Babolat AeroPro GT 2013 – 2015 Tennis Racquet (Nadal)

Babolat AeroPro GT

Rafael Nadal’s racquet is updated by Babolat for better feel with the new graphic and a refined dampening Interface.

To provide extra stability at ball impact, GT technology (high density carbon fibers) has been used. It is one of the few racquets that works well at the net as well as the baseline. As a result, Babolat is one of the best brands which you should consider.

It has head size of 100 sq. inches and length of 27 inches and weight (strung) of 11.30 oz. Stiffness (Babolat RDC) is of 67 and balance of 12.90 in. The racquet has head light cross section 23mm head / 26mm throat. The racquet has a swingweight of 329 Kg X sq. cm and its string pattern is 16 X 19 and amazing grip of Babolat.

The racquet so far has got many positive reviews. It is noteworthy that all the customers are happy and satisfied with it. This is a racquet for those who take tennis seriously.

Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

This is a racquet for those who consider balance as the most important key feature. This racquet is made from combination of titanium and graphite.

It is the best tennis racket for those who are either beginner at tennis or are occasional players since this racquet is easy on your wrist and is very light weight. Titanium makes it light but strong and graphite makes it smooth and durable.

The head size of the racquet is 115 sq. in. and is 1” head heavy. The racquet is longer with length of 27 ¾” and weight of just 8 oz. The beam of racquet is 28.5 mm and the string pattern is 16 X 19.

It has got positive reviews from every beginner tennis player supporting the fact that it is a good tennis racquet for beginners. They all appreciate its lightness and durability and hence is amongst the list of the best tennis rackets.

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 strung Tennis Racquet

Wilson Hammer Strung

The racquet is one of the most selling racquets of Hyper Carbon models. Although this model is light weight and maneuverable with a slight head heavy balance it is not as top heavy as most Hammer models.

With a length of 27.5 inches, the racquet is longer than most of the rackets and hence provides more leverage and better reach than a standard racquet without impeding reaction to balls hit close to the body. The racquet is best suited for 4.0 – 5.0 level players with medium to full swings.

It offers a nice combination of tempered power with control oriented features. Double players usually favor this racquet because of the power provided on serve due to the extra size with plenty of pop and forgiveness at the net, so this is one of the best rackets for doubles.

The racquet has positive reviews complementing its lightweight and better control near the net. Some users have faced vibration issues with this racket which can be solved by using a vibration dampener and you are good to go.

Head Ti S5 Comfort zone Tennis Racquet

Head Ti S5 Comfort Zone

Ti S5 has Head’s Comfort Zone technology which is easy on the wrists and arm of the players. It is best suited for beginners to intermediate players with a slow to medium speed swing.

It has open string pattern to enhance the sweetspot area on the string without compromising with control.

A combination of hard and soft materials is used to reduce vibrations by 25%. The cone shaped grommets improves the area of the string.

It has a head size of 107 sq. in. with a length of 27.50 in. Weight of 8.9 oz, stiffness (Babolat RDC) of 72 and balance 15.16 in this racquet is for you beginners. Its cross section area is 27 mm, swing weight 310 kg X sq cm, string pattern is 16×19 and has grip of Head SofTac.

Unlike Ti S6, this racket requires you to generate more pace through your swing, since it is lightweight but gives you more control over your swing.

Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racquet

Wilson Federer Strung

The Arc technology in this Wilson racquet provides greater control and stability and is comfortable on the hands, thanks to the perforated grip. The power strings increase power and give better shots.

The vibration generated is taken care of by the Stop Shock Pads which makes this racquet one of its kinds. Therefore, it is the best Wilson tennis racquet you can find.

It has a head size of 106 inches and strung weight of 10.4 oz. It is 27.25 inches in length and a string pattern of 16 X 20. Its cross section is of 23 mm U beam. You get head light balance, which is good for control and volleys. The head size is a bit large but not ridiculous like those with 120 inches.


Tennis is a great game. It keeps you fit and keeps your mind alert. You can play it for fun or as a professional, in both scenarios, investing in the best tennis racquet now rather than skimping can be beneficial in the long run.

People with passion for this game play tournaments across the globe and bring fame and recognition to the country and to the player. This game has made the career of many. The player maybe of national level or international level. Hard work and dedication is required to achieve excellence in this game.

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