Tennis Court Dimensions & Measurements

Tennis is a game played between two players – singles (or) two teams of two players – doubles. Using a stringed racquet, the players strike a hollow rubber ball covered with a net into the counterpart’s court so that they fail to return the racquet.

Therefore, a tennis court is the venue where the game is played. It is a sturdy rectangular surface with a low net stretched at the center. Both doubles and singles can use the surface. Various surfaces can be used in creating a tennis court dimensions, each with its own specifications which have an impact on how the game is played. The surface can be of clay, grass or hard material.

The tennis court layout can be seen in the below tennis court diagram.


Standard Tennis Court Dimensions

The standard tennis court dimensions are stipulated and regulated by the International Tennis Federation governing organization and the tennis court size is written down in the annual rules of Tennis document.

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"How big is a tennis court?" you may ask. Well, the length of a tennis court is usually 23.77 meters. In the case of singles, tennis court width measures 8.23 meters and 10.97 meters for doubles. Both tennis games use the same tennis court length. It is divided in the middle by a net which suspends using with the aid of a cord or metal cable fixed to two net posts 1.07 meters high. The net is usually fully stretched and small enough to mesh so a ball cannot go through it. The height of the net is 0.914 meters at the center where it is weighed down tightly by a white strap. A white band is used in covering the metal cable or cord and the top of the net. For doubles matches, net posts are 0.914 meters outside the court on either side. For single matches, the centers of the net posts are 0.914 meters outside the singles court on either side.

All dimensions of a tennis court measurements are made to the outside of the lines and all lines of the court bear the same color clearly standing out from the surface’s color.

  • Baselines

The lines at the end of each court are the baselines and each baseline is divided into half by a center mark which is 10 cm long and parallel to the singles sidelines. The baseline extends up to 10 cm in width.

  • Sidelines

As the name suggests, sidelines are lines at the sides of the court.

  • Service Lines and Courts

There are also service lines which are two lines between the singles sidelines 6.40 meters from either side of the net and parallel to the net. The center service line is on both sides of the net. The section between the service line and the net is divided into two equal parts by the center service line and is called the service courts. The center service line is parallel to the singles sidelines and goes halfway between them. Both the center service line and center mark measure 5 cm wide.

The minimum distance between baselines and backstops is 6.4 meters; this is however for international competitions. The minimum distance between side stops and sidelines is 3.66 meters. For club play and recreation, the minimum distance between the backstops and baselines is 5.48 meters. The minimum distance between side stops and sidelines is 3.05 meters. These tennis court dimensions bring out the standard size of a tennis court.

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