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How to Become Better at Basketball

Basketball, though a great sport raved by millions, isn't the easiest. It will require a LOT of effort, and not only physically! To become a better basketball player, you'll need to follow various tips, following your coach and getting the proper support to stay encouraged. Not only that, but you'll also need a pair of shoes that provide support coupled with the right exercises that work on both your muscular endurance and basketball skills.

Seems tough, doesn't it?

But not to worry, as you can achieve it with the passion and skills. If you're an aspiring professional basketball athlete who wants to learn how to keep improving their skills on the court, then read up as I give you tips on how to become a better basketball player.

How to Become a Better Basketball Player

skills in basketball

If you're planning in becoming a basketball player, then you will need to improve your skills to get discovered. Here are the tips you can follow:


Make sure that you practice your ball handling skills, from gripping the ball down to dribbling it. There are different types of dribbles to consider, from circle to figure 8 dribbles. Practice dribble suicide drills to get comfortable with the ball and naturally dribble without fail.


Practice your passes to your follow teammates. Work with a partner and try passing the ball to each other, sending and receiving the ball with much force for practice.


This is one of the most important skills you'll need to master! When shooting, use your fingertips for better control. Bend your legs and spring up once you make the shot, landing properly after.

A good shot would require the proper position. Point your elbow towards the tim and finish your shot as if you were dipping your hand into the ring. Your hands should hang down. Extend your arm after the shot while snapping your elbow.

While you may want to go for trickier shots, you can practice that once you have mastered shooting. Focus on easier shots first.


This is another important thing, as it isn't all about basketball, but bettering your endurance and muscles as well. Create a warmup and plan a workout that focuses on building muscle and endurance. Go for cardio such as skipping tope and sprinting, to follow with the weight room.

In Conclusion

Do you want to be part of the big league when you grow older? You're not alone. Millions of people around the world share the same sentiments as you do, but that shouldn't discourage you from working hard. If you keep practicing, you'll end up reaching milestones that will have you achieve your dreams.

This is why I made this article on how you can become a better basketball player. Just keep following these tips, follow your coach, get a good training program, and you'll be able to get there. We have also created an awesome infographic which teaches you in depth about dunking a basketball.

Do you have any questions or tips on how to become a better basketball player? Then comment down below and help fellow aspiring athletes!

Best Knee Sleeves for Basketball: Reviews of Our Top Five Picks!

Basketball is one of the most well-loved and popular sports played by both men and women. It holds a ton of health benefits and enjoyment anyone can take advantage of. Whether you have just began playing basketball or play it professionally, you will want to invest in the best knee sleeves for basketball.

But how and where can you get the best basketball knee sleeves?

Not to worry, I tabulated the top five best basketball knee pads and sleeves and how you can choose the best one for your next games.

Knee sleeves are very important to protect your lower body, especially the knee portion from injuries, be it from falls or twists while running and to provide better support and stability during your workouts or intensive sport session.

Top Five Best Basketball Knee Sleeves

Here are our top picks based on our research, tests, and overall customer reviews:

1. Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support

Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve

Ultra Flex Athletics offers one of the best features that keep your legs protected and improve on your muscle recovery. It reduces inflammation and swelling, or soreness after playing intense games.

Not only is it great for basketball, but it can be used for other sports and exercises as well. With its pain relief and anti-slip silicone to keep it on, you will definitely keep in shape and keep going without the pain.


  • It's great for just about any basketball player, whether they are fresh and beginning, or recovering from past injuries.
  • Has good compression and support that gives the right amount of tightness but without the constant pain.
  • Though the design is thin, it keeps you comfortable, provides good knee support and will have you wearing it over pants without it being too bulky.


  • Be sure to read other customer reviews and get the size suitable for your knees and thighs because this item is not eligible for returns.

2. McDavid 6446 HEX Padded Compression Leg Sleeve

McDavid 6446 Hex Padded Compression Leg Sleeve

McDavid comes in lots of colors to choose from, perfect for men and women. It has 9mm HEX technology, making it thin enough to fit into pants, but with the comfort and support in minimal design. It has an extended length for better performance all throughout your leg.

Not only can it prevent bone or muscle injuries, but wounds and scratches as well. All this with the breath-ability and coolness which feels great on the skin.


  • It is machine washable and dry-able, making it easier to clean and maintain.
  • It fits tightly enough to give support without any discomfort.
  • Has moisture management to allow breath-ability and reduce leg sweat inside the sleeve.


3. Kuangmi Knee Brace Compression Sleeve Sports Support Brace Pad

Kuangmi Knee Brace Compression Sleeve

Kuangmi knee brace isn't just for basketball, but for different types of sports and exercises as well. It is a sports protector that keeps the pressure and shock away from your knees, making you perform effectively with little chances of injury.

There are three different features to accommodate your lifestyle, may it be for everyday, sports, or intense use.


  • It is made out of nylon, spandex, silicone and non-slip spring support for tightness and comfort.
  • Anti-slip strips to allow movement without worry of it falling while playing or walking around.
  • It helps muscle recovery, blood circulation, even from the usual small cuts and bruises from sports or the everyday life.


  • It runs a bit small, so we suggest you order a size up.
  • The top portion sort of curls down, depending on where you use it for.

4. REACHS Basketball Knee Pads

REACHS Basketball Knee Pads

REACHS basketball knee pads come in a simple design that still makes it comfortable and easy to use. It has padding on the knees, so it will keep your legs scratch free and minimize the impact if you fall.

Not only that, but it can help with muscle support and any leg pain or swelling. It's perfect for any sport, may it be basketball, running, or even soccer.


  • It is made out of breathable polyester fabric and shock-resistant EVA honeycomb and anti-slip silicone strip.
  • These knee sleeves will help keep your legs comfortable without it sliding down.
  • Offers comfort no matter what leg size you are.


  • It can get a bit tighter than the other knee sleeves.
  • It tears quickly, usually lasting a few weeks before getting holes. But this depends on how you use them.

5. Mava Sports Pair Knee Compression Sleeves

Mava Sports Knee Compression Sleeves

Though a short knee sleeve, it comes with a lot of features that keep your legs supported without the bulkiness. It's anatomically shaped for performance and provides the extra support and stability you need, may it be for sports, everyday use, or recovery from any injury.

It also comes in four different colors, perfect for any preference.


  • These sleeves are a great choice, not only for basketball but also leg workouts like squats since they are thick and provide good grip.
  • There is an accurate sizing chart so you can take your measurements and not worry about it running too small or large.


  • It's a bit difficult to take them off, especially after a sweaty session.
  • While you can machine wash them, you should air dry the sleeves.

Things to Look for While Purchasing Basketball Knee Sleeves:

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing the best pair of basketball knee sleeves for yourself. You'll need to test and research for what you both want and need. After all, it's to help protect your lower body from injuries!

Here are some things you should check out when looking for good knee sleeves for basketball:

Size and Fit

It should be able to fit your knee without it being too tight or loose. Look for one that is easy to adjust and keep you comfortable as you play basketball. Find ones with soft padding to cushion any falls.


Good basketball knee sleeves should be strong enough to withstand intense plays and falls. It should also be easy to maintain and clean for your convenience.

If you would like to read more on this, then please head over to this article.​

In Conclusion

With these knee sleeves, you'll be able to play the game with less risk of injury. It's always wise to stay protected while enjoying the sport. Hopefully, this article will have helped you make your choice in what to purchase.

You can find any of those knee sleeves available in reputable online portals like Amazon, or in local athletics stores near you. So what are you waiting for? If you're the one who wants to begin playing basketball safely, then invest in basketball knee sleeves and shoes today.

Did you enjoy the article or have anything to add about these best knee sleeves for basketball? Then comment down below! We would love to hear what you have to say. Also, if you are interested in knowing more about dunking a basketball, then we have this really cool infographic over here which you will like.

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