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Badminton Court Dimensions and Measurements

Badminton is a popular game in America and other parts of the world. It attracts many people because of several reasons. To begin with, badminton court dimensions allow it to serve as a family game and a competitive one in the public arena. Other reasons why you may be attracted to this game include the fact that it is relatively cheaper. The playing set can be bought with a couple of dollars. Badminton court size also makes it a favorite for families who wish to have it in their backyard. The fact that it is a low-risk game makes it ideal for people from all walks of life, preferences and age. It is time to learn the dimensions of badminton court wherever you want to enjoy it.

Facts of Badminton Court Dimensions at a Glance

Generally, the court takes an oblong shape, whether you are using it to play singles or doubles. The terms singles and doubles are used in the game to refer to the number of players playing against each other on either side of the court at any one time. In particular, the badminton court dimensions in meters and feet are:

For Singles:

  • Width measures 5.18 meters or 17 feet
  • Length measures 13.4 meters or 44 feet.

For Doubles:

  • Width measures 6.1 meters or 20 feet
  • Length measures 13.4 meters or 44 feet

The badminton court dimensions layout can be seen from the court diagram below:


Dimensions of Badminton Court & other Features

The badminton court measurements are laid out in a rectangular shape in general. It is normally laid out in sections on either side of the net. The net is always at the midpoint of the full length of the court. It is tied on poles planted at the midline on either side of the longer side of the court. The badminton net height must also be raised 5 feet above the ground at the center of the court. The height of the net above the ground immediately next to the poles staggers for about 1 inch higher than at the center.

Long Service Line:

The long service line for singles play is set at the far back of the court on either end. It is marked 2.6 inches into the court from the back boundary

Short Service Line:

The short service line for both singles and doubles is 15.5 inches into the court on either side from the far back boundary line. The short service line is marked to the interior of the court from the back boundary sides. It is 6.6 inches from the back boundary line.The area from the short service line to the net is referred to as the non volley area in badminton jargon

Overall Badminton Court Dimensions in Feet & other SI units

The Net Line
The net is tied to run along the middle line of the court from one long side to the other.

The Center Line
This line divides the court from the line for short service to the back boundary line. it is the line that marks the boundary between the right service area and the right service section.

Other Badminton Court Dimensions and Markings
The side line for singles is marked 1.5 feet from the outer boundary on either side. The long service line for doubles play is marked 2.5 feet inside of the boundary line at the far back.