Best Volleyball Shoes for Men and Women (Updated 2017)

Do you want to be the best volleyball player in the court?

Well, you can't play the sport without the proper shoes!

Unfortunately, getting the best pair out there isn't the easiest job to do. It takes a good deal of research and fitting to get it right, and you might not have the time to go through all that work.

Instead of making you go through various websites and hitting up almost all the athletic stores near you, we did the research for you and bundled up the best volleyball shoes you can buy right now and become one of the best players on the court!

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports out there. Everyone is able to play It, from children to adults. If you want to start playing volleyball, then you will need to have the proper equipment for it. This doesn't just call for the proper ball and net, but the right attire as well. This is why it's necessary to invest in the best shoes for volleyball in order to prevent injury and have a great game. There are many brands and models that claim to have the best volleyball sneakers, so you won't have a hard time looking for one. The problem will be choosing the one that will give you the comfort and support you need. You may be wondering, "What are the best shoes for volleyball?" In this article, we review the top 3 shoes for men and women.


In a Hurry? Check Out These Best Shoes for Volleyball

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Best Men's Volleyball Shoes: Our Top 3 Picks

Here are the top 3 picks for men's volleyball shoes:

ASICS Men's GEL-Rocket 7


These are a great pair, whether you're playing for competition or simply for leisure games. They are recommended for those with wide feet, as they are comfortable and will fit you snugly. It gives you the proper support and grip you need when jumping or running while playing an intense game.

The only downfall would be the fact that it is not cushioned as well as other sneakers, and its durability is not as long as expected. But as long as you care and maintain it well, then you will be able to make it last for a long time. Design-wise, they look great. They are lightweight and come in many different colors to choose from, matching any outfit or player uniform. They're also great for other sports such as racquetball and badminton!

ASICS Men's GEL-Netburner Ballistic MT


Design alone, it looks like it is fit for the best of players. They come in three different colors, either bright or dark themes. They offer sizes for those with wider feet, and it will fit just right no matter your shoe size. But that's so long as you order the correct size for yourself!

They give you great support and stability as you play, and you won't need to worry about your feet getting tired, as they will feel comforted by the GEL cushioning and padded tongue and collar fixed into the shoe. They offer a great grip so you won't slip easily when on the court, and they are made of quality material built to last. Expect it to be durable and comfortable, lasting for even the most intense of games. Great for those competing!

Mizuno Men's Wave Lightning Z2


Mizuno is known for their athletic sneakers best for any sport, and this one is no exception. It's made of the most advanced technology designed to have you play effectively. The sole is made of great material that helps lessen shock while playing, may you be running or jumping.

Along with that, it's also got the comfort and support you need, as it's got GEL cushioning and extra padding to keep your feet snug and free of pain. This helps prevent foot-related injuries and you can give your best at the sport because you don't need to worry about it slipping or failing you. It keeps you stable while promoting foot stability, and no matter what size or how wide your feet are, it will fit just right and won't slip off, making it great for those with wide or narrow feet.

Best Women's Volleyball Shoes: Our Top 3 Picks

Here are the top 3 picks for women's volleyball shoes:

ASICS Women's Gel Rocket 7


Whether you're playing for competition or for fun games, then these are the ones you should consider. It's got improved traction to keep your feet from slipping while playing on the court, as well as GEL cushioning to keep your feet in comfort. With its sole and cushioning, you feel less shock when jumping or running.

It also has arch support, which makes it perfect for those suffering from any conditions on the feet. They offer ultimate support while fitting snugly around your feet, making it a great pair of sneakers to use, may you be playing volleyball, tennis, or any court game. With great grip, you'll be able to easily play without worrying about pain or from the footwear slipping out. Plus, they've got a lot of colors and themes to choose from.

Nike Volley Zoom Women's Hyperspike


Nike isn't just known for their swimming gear and basketball sneakers, but they also have some great designs and pairs of sneakers to choose from. The Volley Zoom Hyperspike from Nike are one of the best pairs of sneakers for women in this sport, as they are not only attractive, but they also pack a punch.

They come in various colors designed to match any uniform or workout outfit. It doesn't only look pretty, but it's lightweight and perfect for playing as they won't feel heavy on your feet as you run or jump around. These are developed at a low-cut design which is made to allow flexibility around your feet while still supporting it well, preventing injuries and promoting comfort.

Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning Z2


Just like the male counterpart of the shoe, these are made of the most advanced technology, helping your feet stay stable yet with a flexible range of motion allowing you for the best and safe game.

They keep your feet in comfort with its extra GEL cushioning and padding, preventing you from sustaining any foot-related injuries. It's lightweight, which is great in keeping you the agilest and fastest player on the court! It also promotes a bit more spring in your jump. Plus, the outsole is slip-resistant, so you won't be skidding or slipping while playing.

How to Choose the Best Pair for Yourself?

beach volleyball gameplay

There are different factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best-rated volleyball sneakers. This is all according to your preference and style, so you will need to do some basic research here.

Below are some of the pointers which will help you in choosing a pair for yourself:

1. Price

This is the first and the foremost point you should take care of. Price of the pair and your budget is very important, as it helps you save money and filter your list of choices when it comes to volleyball sneakers.

Search for the prices of all the pairs you are interested in, and set a fair budget that gives you a great pair and still go easy on your wallet. Don't overspend on them, but don't scrimp either!

2. Brand

There are many brands out there, but there will always be the best of all. While you may want to give those "underrated" and new brands a try and they may prove to be good, you will always want to invest on a popular brand that is known for its trustworthy and durable footwear.

Depending on what you need, these brands are popular for their own features, such as good design, best for stability, or for comfort. Nike and Mizuno are some of the best brands to check out, as they are the official volleyball sneakers for the big league.

3. Reviews

You need to consider customer feedback and ratings as they play an important role and help you make a good decision. You can search for good reviews online from real people on marketplaces like Amazon, or you can always ask for recommendations from trusted loved ones or salespeople who are familiar with the sneakers and suggest what's best for your feet.

The more positive feedback you can get from people for a particular shoe, the better they can be. Just make sure to search for legitimate and unbiased reviews and refer to our blog to make sure you know what to expect.

4. Features

Features are very important, as you will want to find something that is comfortable and will allow your feet to "breath" while playing.

Ask yourself: Do you need something stable for any foot condition you have? Do you need extra comfort? What do you need in a volleyball shoe besides flexibility and range of motion? Evaluate your needs and search for the ones that come with most or all those features.

5. Design

The appearance and design of the pair shouldn't be great only for the eyes, but also in comfort as well! Find something that suits you, as style is a great thing to consider as well.

Also, its design should accommodate your feet, so make sure its size is just right, and that it will keep you comfortable throughout the game. Also, its material should be durable enough to last for many uses to come.

​What is the Difference Between Volleyball Shoes and Running Shoes?

volleyball vs running shoes

When it comes to being fit and healthy, you should invest in the best shoes! After all, it will be your feet taking in most of the impact from your regular exercise, no matter how short or intense it can be!

There are different pairs to choose depending upon how you'll use it, which makes you wonder how all of them differ from one another.

One question from many would be: What is the difference between them?

You'll be surprised to know that both types have different impacts when you use them! Read on as we show you what you need to know about these two types of footwear.

What are Volleyball Sneakers?

Footwear especially designed for this sport are more than just your average shoes - They are meant for your training or official games. These shoes are flexible and offer a light weight for players to move swiftly without the discomfort. The lighter they are, the more you can move around, spending less energy but exerting enough effort for the quick play.

The soles are made of gum rubber, ideal for playing on the slippery court. They offer support and extra cushioning to absorb shock when jumping or running for the ball.

Just like any types of sneakers, you can find various brands and designs available according to your preference.

What are Running Sneakers?

Running shoes can come in different types, usually varying by the type of ground or how intense you use it for. You can find heavier shoes to increase the intensity, or lightweight ones for a minimalist feel.

Either way, these pair usually comes with the extra support or cushioning to lessen the impact as you run or sprint. These features help lessen the risk of injury and make your run more comfortable and healthy.

Another feature running shoes have would be mesh, which keeps your feet breathable and well-ventilated during intense running or sprinting session. You can find them in various shapes and designs, with some having extra features such as LED lights for better visibility at night!

What is the Difference?

Volleyball sneakers have the cushioning, support, and various colors to choose from. But what makes them so different anyway?

They can also be used for running, but with the extra cushioning and support specifically for jumps and falls. It has more because of the impact your feet go through after jumping for the ball, or the sprints you make as you chase for it.

Another main difference would be the sole material. While running shoes are made for the trail or harder terrain, volleyball shows are made out of gum rubber to avoid slipping on the court's slippery floor.

They also happen to be lighter than the usual footwear designed for running, offering more movement and better jumping. That's why it's important to make sure you get the adequate shoes specifically made for your sport, especially when it's volleyball!

How Can You Buy the Best?

indoor volleyball game

Purchasing the best running or volleyball sneakers isn't the most difficult task, but it will require some research! To help you out, here are some tips and factors to consider to assure you get the best for yourself:

Check the Support

The support is one of the most important factors, as this helps protect you from any injury, supporting your feet no matter how intense the play is. Find one with extra arch support, especially if you suffer from foot conditions.


Will you be using it for volleyball or running? Remember, they serve different purposes and must be purchased accordingly in order to perform better.


Make sure you find one that matches the size of your feet to avoid discomfort. It usually helps if you read customer reviews and determine the fit of a particular shoe. You can go with our recommended pairs above to avoid this problem.

You can purchase your chosen pair of sports shoes from any reputable online store like Amazon, or in local athletic shops near you.

Hopefully, this answers the question. Now, you know what's needed for your feet!

How Are Volleyball Shoes Different?

While volleyball shoes may look similar to other types of sports shoes, their major difference is under the surface. It's made out of a gum rubber sole material for excellent traction on gym floors, preventing you from sliding while running or diving for the ball while playing. This traction helps provide solid footing while preventing injury. Plus, it would protect the gym floors as well.

Another major difference would be its midsole, which supports the ball of the foot for the player to quickly shift positions and movement from side to side, as compared to basketball shoes which focus on moving forward. The shoe is lightweight and made of mesh for added breathability to the player's feet.

Do You Have to Wear Knee Pads for Volleyball?

volleyball knee pads

While knee pads are very helpful in preventing scratches and injuries, it would depend on the player's preference, as knee pads may restrict movement while playing on the court. But we strongly suggest knee pads for those who go down on their knees rather than dive, since it may cause injury or painful wounds.

Some volleyball players choose not to wear knee pads if they know how to dive correctly, or for better breath-ability and movement without the possibility of injuring their knees.

Can I Use Basketball Shoes for Volleyball?

You CAN use any types of shoes for volleyball, but be prepared for the consequences. I strongly recommend you to purchase volleyball shoes, as they provide the protection against any injuries. Plus, they provide support and keep your feet moving quickly toward any direction, not just focusing on moving forward like basketball shoes. Also, basketball shoes are slightly heavier than volleyball shoes, which would just weigh you down.

Basketball shoes are meant for basketball alone, while volleyball shoes are made for quick stealth and better support for the many jumps, dives, or runs the player would be doing.

What Stores Sell Volleyball Shoes?

You can find a lot of athletic stores that sell volleyball shoes, either from your local malls or reputable online stores like Amazon. You can also consider purchasing secondhand shoes from fellow volleyball players if you are looking for discounts. Or, you can opt to wait for seasonal sales in outlet stores as well.

But it isn't only about looking for places where you can purchase volleyball shoes, but the specific features you should look out for, as well as the brand of the shoes and reputation of the store you are purchasing from.

Can I Wear Running Shoes for Volleyball?

Just like using basketball shoes for volleyball, the answer is yes. BUT again, prepare yourself for the consequences. Using volleyball shoes is strongly recommended when playing volleyball for a reason, just like how you use running shoes for marathons or the daily jog around the park.

Volleyball shoes are designed for lateral movement and jumping, as well as running to different areas around the court without slipping on the gym floors. While running shoes provide ample support for running, they aren't as protective when it comes to lateral stability. It may increase your chances of twisting your ankle. Plus, running shoes are made for the road or trail, not for the gym.

Are Volleyball Shoes Lighter Than Running Shoes?

As compared to any type of athletic shoe (running included), volleyball shoes are by far one of the lightest shoes you can use. That's because your feet will be moving to different directions quickly, so the sport requires the lightweight shoes to avoid holding yourself down or getting tired easily while moving.

You'll need quick reflexes and breath-ability to keep your feet comfortable throughout the game. With lightweight shoes, you'll be able to keep going without feeling discomfort or heavy weight as compared to using shoes meant for basketball or running.

Is There Any Difference between Men's and Women's Volleyball Shoes?

female volleyball player

There are significant differences between the men and women's volleyball shoes, but they are made of the same material and for the same purpose.

The two major differences would be its design and size. Most volleyball shoes would follow colors that appeal more to a male or female, such as blue colors for male while female shoes have lighter shades. Of course, you can still find she designs according to your design preference, and it isn't just limited to that.

As for size, the men's shoe sizes would be slightly bigger than that of women's. We follow this different sizing because men's feet are slightly wider than a woman's, so men's shoes are bigger in length and width to accommodate that.

In Conclusion

If you're planning on getting the best for your feet, then I suggest that you get a good pair of shoes according to your use and preference. While you might be thinking you'll save money when purchasing one pair of shoe for both volleyball games or running sessions, but both make a huge difference on your performance!

The best volleyball sneakers will be entirely up to you and what you need. Hopefully, with these brands and models, you'll be able to do better research and find a pair of good volleyball shoes for yourself. You can purchase them online or in your local athletic store. So what are you waiting for? Start playing volleyball the right way and invest in a good pair of sneakers today.

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